Welcome To Visa Plus Education

Visa Plus has been established with the vision of providing high quality, convenient and accessible service to an individual who wishes to go abroad for higher education. We are here to guide you to make intelligent and right academic choices towards developing a successful career. Our relationship won’t end after your processing will be completed...
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Message From MD

Dear students!! We are humble to welcome you to Visa Plus Pvt. Ltd. Visa Plus is the right place for your bright future.

Kinara Khati Chettri



Student Screening

We review your academic documents, educational background, language proficiency test and select most appropriate path for abroad study.

IELTS and TOEFL Preperations

We have preparation classes for IELTS and TOEFL by experts professional. We have all the equipped human & physical resource for best learning, environment.

University selection seminar and fairs

We have a list of top class institution and hundreds of course option available for you to choose from. We recommend best for you and make choices option.

Admission scholarship assistance

We can provide assistance in applying for scholarship to best serve you with your academic excellence. We have scholarship option and vast opportunity.
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Career counselling

We provide you the most appropriate and smooth track option for your career success. We eliminate any career doubts and perplexities.

Immigration advice

We have an access to migration authority to provide students with up to date immigration advice, change in rules and regulation.

Student loan Assistance

We assist students for making application to student loan and guide with all the formalities and action to make the loan successful.